Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mom's Halloween Party

Every year mom has a Halloween get together whether its a hayride, adult scavenger hunt or a spooky trail it's always fun!! We start off with a good meal and then .............................

We start the fun!!! The pumpkin patch. All the grandkids got to pick out a pumpkin from her

pumpkin patch. Mom and dad are giving the directions. She would draw names to decide the order!!

It's our turn to pick a pumpkin....Dad had to come help it was hard doing it one handed!!

All of us with our pumkpins

I think the pumpkin is as big as her!!

This is the pumpkin we picked out!! (Matti's first pumpkin!!!)

Some of us took the gator down to the trail. the kiddo's liked that and me

too so I didn't have to walk and feed matti at the same time!!

The spooky trail!! Mom had little graves, ghosts, spider webs and other cute stuff along the trail!!

Matti and me.. she fell asleep

Stef , Aaron and Izzy after the spooky trail.

After all the events we all sat around the fire. Here is mom and dad chillin around the fire after a long day!!!

This is chris coming out of the maze!! Izzy was scared to go in alone so chris went in with her he is so great .................sucker!!!!

The Pumpkin Patch!!!

This was her first trip to the pumpkin patch!